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    K12 & K13 series diesel engine

    Leading technology, by Yuchai and YAMAHA jointly developed, the fuel injection technology of BOSCH high pressure common rail, combined with Yuchai leading combustion system development technology and the electronic control system calibration technology, high reliability;
    Low fuel consumption, using electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology, high precision injection, injection pressure, injection pressure is 6 times higher than the traditional diesel engine with four valves, advanced technology, advanced equipment system, the diesel combustion efficiency is greatly improved, can save more than 10%;
    High reliability, the main parts choose import or joint venture brand, to ensure high reliability of engine parts, B10 life of 60000 hours;
    Small engine, light weight, long life, is a new generation of green environmental protection ship engine.

    purpose series Model Rated power / speed kW/r/min Maximum power / speed kW/r/min

    Tourist ship and 

    passenger ship

    K12 YC6K400L-C20 294/1500 324/1548
    K12 YC6K420L-C20 309/1500 340/1548
    K12 YC6K450L-C20 331/1500 364/1548
    Commercial cargo ship K12 YC6K420L-C21 309/1500 340/1548
    K12 YC6K460L-C21 331/1800 364/1858
    K13 YC6K490L-C21 328/1500 360/1548
    K13 YC6K520L-C21 348/1800 382/1858
    Marine auxiliaries K12 YC6K420L-C22 309/1500 340/1500
    K13 YC6K450L-C22 331/1500 364/1500
    Marine auxiliary equipment K13 YC6K480L-C22 353/1500 388/1500
    Sand pump for ships K12 YC6K500L-C30 368/1800 405/1858
    K13 YC6K540L-C30 397/1800 437/1858